Thursday, June 14, 2012

Underground Chickens

I decided to call my city zoning dept and was told by a very rude lady in a very rude way that in no way shape or form would they EVER allow chickens within the city limits.  She also said she hoped they never even considered it.  Grrrrr!

Regardless, I found some neat videos about underground chicken keeping.  (not that I would ever do that!)

Underground chickens

You gotta be pluckin kidding me!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Yknow, I'm a realist.  I expect it to snow in the winter here in Ohio.  I look forward to some rain in the spring.  Summertime is often hot.  The chilly wind and falling leaves makes autumn a favorite season for me.  So far this year in Ohio we have seen a few days below freezing, but a metric-crapton-o-rain.  Had temps not been in the mid 50s today and been more typical, we would be under a good foot of snow by now I'm sure..

I sure am looking forward to some plowing this spring.  Hopefully I wont need waders to get to my garden.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sigh.. No chickens for the farm.

Just before I pulled the trigger and purchased 3 buff orpingtons, 3 buckeyes, and 3 buff brahma female chicks from Meyer Hatchery, I made a call to my city to verify there wasnt going to be any complications with me keeping these birds on my nearly one acre plot.  I had done research on their website but found nothing restricting me from keeping them, just a noise ordinance about loud animals, so a rooster was definitely out of the question.  Turns out some knucklehead had let their chickens run amok and got enough of their neighbors fired up about it so the city was called and they were banned.   I still never got a link or was told WHERE this ordinance is specifically, just that "it was so".  Keeping chickens over winter wasnt really something I was eager to do, so this is a small setback.  It gives me all winter to poke around and find this this specific rule and possibly dispute it.

This past weekend I borrowed a tiller and put 3.5 hours into tilling up the 30X40 and 20X30 gardens.  I put down some rye for a cover crop and just for giggles, threw in some peas.  I then mowed for 2.5 hours.  Did I mention I picked that same day to start back at the gym?  Needless to say,  I dont remember anything after around 9pm.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Humble beginnings

This blog will chronicle my journey to taking my one acre and transforming it into a mini-farm. 

Recent pics...

Building a chicken coop next week in preparation for some new pullets. Gotta get a house ready for the new girls!